Lambda SCS Listed as a Representative Vendor in Gartner® Market Guide for Supply Chain Network Design Tools

How can retailers compete with well established online marketplaces?

What You’ll Learn?

• Understanding the Purpose: Learn how retailers can effectively compete with established online marketplaces by enhancing delivery speed and reducing costs.

• Real-Life Example: Discover a case study of a multi-billion dollar e-commerce and retail company, illustrating how they achieved significant cost savings and planned future strategies.

• Optimizing Your Supply Chain: Explore Optiflow, a network design tool, demonstrated to help retailers optimize their supply chain and analyze different scenarios for cost and service improvements.


Key Insights:

• Enhance Customer Engagement: Understand how improving delivery speed can increase customer acquisition, conversion rates, and encourage repeat purchases.

• Cost-Effective Strategies: Learn how network optimization and inventory segmentation can lead to cost savings and improved service levels.

• Harnessing Technology: Explore the role of AI-powered tools in supply chain management, enabling better forecasting, optimization, and cost reduction. • Competing Effectively: Discover how smaller retailers can compete with giants like Amazon by leveraging regional carriers and micro-fulfillment centers for fast delivery.

• Ensuring Security: Understand how concerns about data security and cloud-based solutions can be addressed through compliance and collaboration with trusted partners.



1. Gaurav Mogra – CEO, Lambda Supply Chain Solutions Pvt Ltd

2.Andre Pharand 

3.Marcos Buelvas 

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