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Long term Capacity Planning

Assess long term production and distribution capacity needs

What is long term capacity planning?

Long-term capacity planning is a strategic process that involves determining an organization’s ability to meet future demands for its products or services over an extended period. This planning horizon typically ranges from several months to several years, depending on the industry and business context. The primary goal of long-term capacity planning is to ensure that an organization has the necessary resources, infrastructure, and capabilities to support its growth and respond to changes in market conditions.

How can Optiflow support long term capacity planning decisions?

Designing an optimized supply chain network involves strategically locating facilities, warehouses, and distribution centers. This not only reduces transportation costs but also helps in aligning capacity with demand across different geographic locations. With Optiflow, you can perform scenario analysis to evaluate different capacity planning strategies. This includes assessing the impact of various factors such as market fluctuations, changes in product demand, and disruptions in the supply chain.

10 %
1 %
Increase in delivery speed
1 %
Reduction in CO2 emissions

Embed risk into long term capacity planning

Long-term capacity planning involves identifying and mitigating potential risks that could impact the organization’s capacity to meet future demands. This includes considering factors such as supply chain disruptions, market fluctuations, and regulatory changes. By embedding risk into supply chain design, Optiflow can be used for creating risk optimized supply chain network designs to address long term capacity needs

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Optiflow Features

E-com Compatible

Efficiently optimize your supply chain with our built-in parcel rate and transit time databases for leading parcel providers. Our platform saves you time and effort by providing the data you need to make informed decisions and streamline operations.

Build On Cloud

Optiflow is a fully cloud-based solution that enables collaborative digital twin building across functions and geographies. This allows teams to work together in real time and gain valuable insights into their supply chain operations.

Mathematical Optimization

Optiflow uses the powerful mathematical solvers that help you solve most complex of supply chain models within minutes. With Optiflow you can build SKU level models and improve tactical decisions for your supply chain

Intuitive UI/UX

Optiflow features a simple and intuitive interface that makes building models fast and easy. Our user-friendly design allows you to quickly create models and run scenarios, so you can focus on optimizing your supply chain.

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Optimize your supply chain with Optiflow’s powerful tools and features. Our user-friendly platform offers advanced optimization capabilities and what-if analysis for data-driven decision-making. Start unlocking your supply chain’s full potential today with Optiflow

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