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Live Webinar on October 19 | 2 pm ET

What if what-if scenarios could save you millions and earn a 10x return?

From making sure your product flow is optimized to SKU segmentation, digital twins bring your best capabilities to light. Go from hypothetical to tactical with digital twin technology.

Digital Twins Deep Dive Webinar

This live webinar, packed with tactical advice, will show you how designing an optimized network can future-proof your supply chain.


These Optiflow customers have identified 16-30% reduction in logistics costs:

For one global brand, our three-week pilot program identified $15 million in cost savings. No matter the industry, Optiflow can identify weaknesses in your product workflow to save you millions in supply chain costs.


Gaurav Mogra

Gaurav Mogra, Optiflow Founder

Founder and CEO of Lambda Supply Chain Solutions, Gaurav Mogra is building on 16 years of experience as a supply chain consultant, executive and entrepreneur. With its flagship product, Optiflow, Lambda is blazing trails in software, consulting and analytics services that empower clients with decision intelligence.

“We were witnessing an explosive growth in eCommerce business and were looking for ways to improve service levels and reduce freight costs. We [used] Optiflow digital twin technology to identify about 15% in parcel freight cost savings and about 20% improvement in service levels.

Optiflow simulated our complex supply chain network and generated SKU DC mappings that helped us optimize inventory across our distribution network location.”

— VP of Supply Chain Solutions at a $2Bn U.S. gift retailer — 

In this deep dive, you’ll learn how digital twins can:

Predict outcomes for a new DC (which SKUs to stock, impact on costs, labor needs, etc.)

Discover whether changing your delivery method (ex. from Ground to SmartPost) will give you more coverage

Run what-if scenarios for where to source, manufacture and stock new SKUs

Help you prepare for unprecedented supply chain disruptions, from extreme weather to labor strikes

Enable strategic decision-making on new product planning, inventory, labor and more 

Design an efficient eCommerce network digitally optimized for cost and service

Embed continuous design to support new product introduction (NPI) planning

Reduce DTC costs and maximize service levels while serving sustainability goals 

Digital Twins Deep Dive Webinar

Thursday, October 19
2 pm ET

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