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Transportation Route Optimization

Solve routing at scale and automatically apply transportation routes to your network design

Introducing Hopper: Fast, Automated Transportation Route Optimization with Cosmic Frog

Transportation cost is an increasing component of logistics spend and a significant consideration in supply chain design. Other supply chain design solutions can’t model detailed transportation networks. Optilogic is changing all that with Hopper: fast, powerful transportation route optimization built into the Cosmic Frog supply chain design solution.

With Hopper, you can solve routing at scale and automatically run a transportation analysis as part of your network design project.

Understand best number and size of DCs to serve customer demand

With Optiflow, you can create supply chain models and test several what-if scenarios to assess cost and service implications and how they change with DC locations. Depending on business requirements, an optimal number of DC locations can be identified to serve current and future demand

10 %
1 %
Increase in delivery speed
1 %
Reduction in CO2 emissions

Understand tradeoffs between delivery speed and cost to serve

Delivery speed in an E-commerce network is of prime importance. With Optiflow, you can assess cost and service level impact of each network design design and select the one that fits your business goals

There is a saying in supply chain, what you don't know, you don't know

Supply chains are complex linkages of entities and nodes that are meant to provide a structure for products to flow and serve customer demand. However, because of the sheer complexity and variability, a lot of times flows become inefficient and one of the powerful ways to identify supply chain inefficiencies is through supply chain modeling powered by mathematical optimization technology. Optiflow, enables creation of these models and apply mathematical optimization to identify these inefficiencies

Optiflow Network Optimization Features

E-com Compatible

Efficiently optimize your supply chain with our built-in parcel rate and transit time databases for leading parcel providers. Our platform saves you time and effort by providing the data you need to make informed decisions and streamline operations.

Build On Cloud

Optiflow is a fully cloud-based solution that enables collaborative digital twin building across functions and geographies. This allows teams to work together in real time and gain valuable insights into their supply chain operations.

Mathematical Optimization

Optiflow uses the powerful mathematical solvers that help you solve most complex of supply chain models within minutes. With Optiflow you can build SKU level models and improve tactical decisions for your supply chain

Intuitive UI/UX

Optiflow features a simple and intuitive interface that makes building models fast and easy. Our user-friendly design allows you to quickly create models and run scenarios, so you can focus on optimizing your supply chain.

Ready to Get started?

Optimize your supply chain with Optiflow’s powerful tools and features. Our user-friendly platform offers advanced optimization capabilities and what-if analysis for data-driven decision-making. Start unlocking your supply chain’s full potential today with Optiflow

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