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Mergers and acquisitions

Lambda helps companies evaluate synergies from mergers and acquisitions and supports smooth implementation

Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A) frequently constitute a vital component of a successful growth strategy. Among the critical factors for success in this process, the integration of supply chains stands out, as it plays a pivotal role in maximizing the potential for synergy. Synergistic opportunities present the chance to curtail costs and enhance overall business profitability. However, what may appear straightforward is, in reality, intricate and costly to actualize. The amalgamation of organizations and their processes, the integration of systems, and the harmonization of value chains are imperative yet challenging tasks.

When considering a transformation, gaining a realistic understanding of potential supply chain synergies is invaluable. It becomes crucial to pinpoint essential drivers and assess them within the context of the supply chain strategy.

Standardizing processes and structures across diverse businesses becomes a necessity, and sectors like IT must be organizationally unified. For enterprises with global supply chains, achieving optimal consolidation from both physical and organizational standpoints becomes indispensable for the triumph of post-merger integration. This holds true particularly when supply chain expenses constitute a substantial proportion of the total costs.

The process of identifying, evaluating, and harnessing synergy potential is paramount. Lambda provides comprehensive assistance to clients across all aspects of M&A endeavors – from scrutinizing synergy possibilities and preparing for mergers, to aiding in execution, subsequent attainment, and the preservation of synergies during regular operations.

Drawing from Lambda’s project experiences, it is evident that M&A activities can unlock synergy potential of up to 30% across the supply chain, regardless of the industry.

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