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Optimizing the supply chain has become a paramount focus for contemporary industrial goods manufacturers.

The European economy greatly depends on the automotive industry, which has faced challenging conditions for a considerable period. In addition to rising cost pressures, there is growing international competition.

To expand their market presence, car manufacturers have established production facilities across the globe. The expanding array of vehicle variants and models continues to impact manufacturers’ profitability. Predicting sales has become increasingly challenging due to significant fluctuations in production volumes. As manufacturers increasingly produce multiple models at a single location, the need for adaptable processes and structures has grown significantly.

This necessitates a transformation in supply chain processes and value streams, requiring the implementation of new supply chain concepts and proactive management of both inbound and outbound flows.

It is important that logistics networks are optimized as a whole and as realistically as possible. Due to networks’ complexity, it is important that powerful solutions and methods are utilized. These types of projects call for experience in order to be completed quickly.

Network optimization should be a continuous process

Network design that was once done as an episodic activity should be done continuously to ensure that supply chain policies are optimized and updated as per current needs

Lambdascs stands as a trusted and accomplished ally for the automotive sector when it comes to addressing all matters related to the supply chain.

Lambdascs has been dedicated to enhancing the supply chains of automotive manufacturers and their suppliers. Through collaboration with manufacturers, we refine processes, structures, and organizational strategies, as well as aid in the implementation of innovative management approaches. Our expertise extends to various core competencies, including proficient involvement in projects related to Lean Logistics, integrated transportation management, total cost of ownership metrics, and supply chain flexibility. Our solutions encompass the entire spectrum of the automotive industry, covering standard production, pilot production, and post-sales services. Furthermore, Lambdascs plays a pivotal role in establishing supply chain processes and structures for new facilities and vehicle models worldwide. Serving as an outsourcing partner, we also oversee and manage supply chains, provide ongoing transportation optimization, and streamline spare parts logistics.

To ensure a sustained enhancement of planning and optimization processes, we offer our proprietary supply chain software solution, lambdascs vista®. This software empowers our clients by enabling network optimization, precise transportation planning, efficient transportation management, strategic supply chain segmentation, comprehensive supply chain planning, and continuous inventory optimization.

In summary, Lambdascs is instrumental in helping automotive businesses navigate the complexities of today’s market demands.

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